Custom Bamboo Bikes





So what would one do with a custom designed bamboo bike? Anything you want, really. Want a Time Trial bike? a cross-country touring bike? a delivery bike? No Problem!! We would love to make you one so you can see for yourself the beauty and functionality of a bamboo bike – in any capacity. It’s a bike that will get noticed by others for it’s look and noticed by you for the smooth ride.



 The Basics

  • Fast, light, comfortable ride
  • Bamboo & hemp construction
  • Single, Multi-speed or externally geared options
  • Rim Caliper brakes, V-Brakes and Disc Brakes are all available
  • Any traditional size wheels :26, 700c, 29er
  • Geometry and bamboo stock to fit you perfectly for your exact need

Have questions about geometry and sizing? Contact us

A deposit of $2000 reserves your place in the queue. Buy Now