From the Boston Globe…
As told to Kristin D’Agostino July 27, 2014

I was 12 when I got my first decent bike. I bought it for $237. I found a 25-mile loop that went along the Maine coast, past farmlands. I would ride 25 miles a day as a 13-year-old, rain or shine.

I was an engineer after college, but it was too much about minutiae; my heart wasn’t in it. I got into doing Web design, but I wasn’t waking up every day thinking about Web usability or strategy. I was waking up thinking let me check out bikes, racing. In 2009, I took a trip to France to do some bike riding by myself in the country. It gave me all this time to reflect. I thought I really have to do something with bikes. I have this knowledge of engineering and this knowledge of bikes.

I had a workshop in the South End for my consulting work, so I brought in some tools and built a prototype… See the full article here