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BBC.Com – Erba Cycles raises grass-fed steers


From BBC.ComIn a world obsessed with cheap, mass-produced products, Levere – a long-time cycling aficionado and the founder of Erba Cycles – produces handmade bikes that are as stylish as they are eco-friendly. He is one of a handful of bamboo believers in the US, Europe and Asia working to establish a beachhead for the […]

ID Boston Magazine: Maker’s Guild


Mother Nature Network: 6 unexpected products made from hemp

From Mother Nature Network…
If you’re the type who prefers to don a helmet and propel yourself around town instead of sitting slouched behind the wheel of a car, you’ll probably dig the work of Erba Cycles, a Boston-based purveyor of truly gorgeous bicycles expertly handcrafted from bamboo and hemp.

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A rare ride, the bamboo bicycle

From the Boston Globe…
As told to Kristin D’Agostino July 27, 2014

I was 12 when I got my first decent bike. I bought it for $237. I found a 25-mile loop that went along the Maine coast, past farmlands. I would ride 25 miles a day as a 13-year-old, rain or shine.

I was an engineer after […]

Elitism: Erba Cycles

From Elitism…

Erba Cycles was founded by Randall Levrere, a 5th grader from Maine who loved the freedom and speed of bikes and building things with his own two hands…

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BostInno — Erba Cycles: The Bike of Your Dreams That Also Happens to be Made of Bamboo

From BostInno…
Never in my life have I turned so many heads by simply biking down the street.

Come to think of it, I’ve never turned any heads biking anywhere.

And yet last Friday, on a sunny and cool November morning in the South End, the type that can make Boston’s grey concrete expanses feel positively bucolic, my […]

Improper Bostonian: “Imperative” Feature

MIT Enterprise Forum: Is There A Business Here?



From the MIT Enterprise Forum – Cambridge, MA:

You have an idea for a business—maybe it’s your life-long passion, a project you’ve been working on nights/weekends, or something that just popped into your head. You are wondering whether it’s time to quit the “day job” and take your idea to the next level. What do you […]

Yankee Magazine – Best of New England

From Yankee Magazine…

Some people walk the walk. Randall Levere? He rides the ride. The founder of Boston-based Erba Cycles builds bikes–by hand, with frames made from bamboo–and he uses them. A lot.

“I probably ride 10,000 miles a year,” Levere says. That includes training rides, Saturday morning rides with the Charles River Wheelmen, accompanying the wheelchair […]

Fox Business Channel: Green Business Highlight


Erba Cycles as featured on Fox Business Channel’s BASF Green Business Highlight – From the show ‘Power & Money’. Original air date: 12/15/2011